Micro3 now available in OpenType format (otf)

Since the design of this font, all platforms have settled on a more efficient and flexible format for cross-platform acceptance of font packages, namely OpenType. If you experience difficulty in the version you bought, please contact us and we will send you a fresh version in the newest format.

7-May-09 - tmook

Software Platforms & Playback Redux

Given the general adoption of XML-based data files in notation programs, I could see how one could write a transformation utility to create a MIDI or more sophisticated oscillator instruction set. But, still better to have a musician play it...

6-Nov-08 - tmook

Software Platforms & Playback

Some clients have requested properly tuned playback using some of the more popular commercial notation programs. The only software package I know about that seems to be able to handle this might be Lime, at the CERL Sound group.

Micro works well as a displayed articulation or expression with Sibelius and Finale, but adding accurate playback would be possible but not feasible. The most accurate (pitch and rhythm) system I know is a double precision DOS port of a synthsizer built but no longer supported for Ezra Sims.

26-Jan-2006 - tmook

Mac OS X Panther

One Mac OS X (Panther) user reported difficulty in loading and seeing the Mac versions of the TrueType font. The solution was to load and use the version constructed for the PC. If you have problems, let me know, but this should work without too much problem. (tedmook@mindeartheart.org)

13-Jan-2006 - tmook


This section of the site is newly reconstructed to accomodate shareware sales from Kagi resellers, and secure downloads. If you encounter any difficulties, please send email to tedmook@kagi.com.

2-Oct-2003 - tm